Insurance Codes and Fees

The following information is provided to help you gather your benefits from your insurance provider.

Kidmotion Therapy Services does not accept or process any insurance claims. Kidmotion is an authorized out-of-network provider with most PPO plans. 

A prescription/referral from your child's pediatrician is required prior to the start of services. 

Typically the treatment diagnosis code (ICD-10) used in pediatric OT is R27.8, Lack of Motor Coordination. Other codes my be used depending on the referral source and conditions. Please note that even with a diagnosis code, there is no guarantee that your insurance will reimburse you. Here are some steps you can take with your insurance company to learn more about your benefits. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to inquire about your Out-of-Network benefits. Depending on your residence, inquire about a 'distance hardship waiver/exception' if there is no other in-network pediatric OT provider near your residence. Request approval for an initial assessment and possible treatment using the following CPT codes: 

  • Treatment Diagnosis Code ICD-10: R27.8
  • Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Evaluation, CPT: 96717
  • Occupational Therapy Treatment, CPT: 97530

Be sure to ask about co-pays, deductibles, and annual limits. Inquire about where to find the necessary form(s) that are needed to file for reimbursement.  

Kidmotion Therapy Services Rates:

  • Comprehensive Sensory-Motor Assessment: $550
  • Partial Assessment (i.e. Sensory Assessment only): $450
  • OT Therapy Session: $120
  • Consultation Charges: $60/half-hour
  • $20 Travel fee (if applicable)