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Upon contacting Kidmotion Therapy Services, you will speak with Emily Bills, MA, OTR, to discuss concerns that you have with regards to your child and to determine if an occupational therapy evaluation would be beneficial.  

Following the phone consultation, and if an evaluation is recommended, an appointment will be made to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. 

A parent packet will be provided to be completed prior to the evaluation.  

A referral from your child's pediatrician is necessary prior to the evaluation and therapy.  

A typical evaluation lasts approximately 2 hours during one visit. Assessment tools will be selected based on your child's age, abilities, and suspected areas of need.

Following the evaluation, a detailed report will be drafted containing results from standardized assessments and clinical observations. Areas of strength and areas of concern will be identified.  

Once the report is complete, a consultation meeting with the parents will be arranged to review the report findings, and to discuss a treatment plan, and goals. 

OT treatment sessions last for 1 hour, consisting of 50 minutes of therapeutic interaction with your child and 5-10 minutes to debrief and discuss homework with the parent at the end of the session.  

Kidmotion Therapy Services does not file for insurance. Paperwork will be provided for you to submit with your insurance provider.

Contact Emily Bills, MA, OTR at (805) 835-3098 to discuss services, scheduling and fees.

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